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If you follow my other blog From the Back of the Church, then you know that I've taken on a project to help support the Christians in Iraq that are being persecuted by the Islamic state in Mozul.  To get to the point, I wanted to sell customized wristbands in order to raise money, increase awareness, and promote prayer for these suffering people.  Well, just getting a company to mass produce the wrist bands has been a eye gouging experience.  Here's a review of my experience with, also known as, and it isn't positive!

When I found this company on August 13, 2014, the website looked appealing and was easy to use.  There were even pictures of the "state of the art" facility which looked pretty legitimate.  I was also happy with price the site quoted me for my order of 200 wrist bands; it was the best price I had seen.  I was really looking forward to having a good experience.  Unfortunately, the price and the look of the website are the only positive things I can say.

While on the website I was concerned because what I had typed up on the website didn't exactly translate to the picture it produced.  I was worried that the Arabic "N" wouldn't come out right.  So I called to express my concern to someone named Alexus who ended up being the worst representation of the company.  She didn't readily give her name.  At one point she accidentally hung up on me and I had to call back.  She didn't seem to know what she was doing with my order-  she kept giving me a price that was different than what was given to be on the website and couldn't explain why.  When I told her my concerns about my design, she requested that I e-mail to her the proof that I had already had designed.  She looked at it and said to me several times that the wristband I was ordering "should look like this."  I specifically asked her,  "It should, or it will?"  She kept saying "it should" and couldn't say "it will" which bothered me.  Because I was getting no where with her, I asked to speak with a supervisor.  Instead of transferring me or having someone call me, she said: "Well can you call this number?"  (I should have known this was the first sign of trouble.)

So I called the number.  I spoke with a guy who's name I can't remember.  He sounded more reassuring.  He told me that he would take the proof I had and send it over to the art department so that they knew exactly what I wanted.  He told me what I would receive would be exactly as I specified.  I also told him what I thought about Alexus, specifically discussing what I wrote above.

I also discussed with him another concern that I had.  When I clicked the "Submit Order" button on the website, the price was $68.90 (I even printed a screen shot).  However the e-mail confirmation I received said my order total was $94.92.  Upon a closer look, $15 handling fee was ordered since I received 100 free wrist bands, then $11.02 was added for "Estimated Tax/Custom/Handling/Insurance."  Interestingly enough, none of this was on my order on the website.  There was even a warning pop up that said once I placed the order it couldn't be changed.  Well, they changed it alright.  When I pointed it out to him, the only thing he said was he would let the website people know.  At the time, I wasn't too worried- I had enough documentation to contest the charge with my credit card company, and $94.92 was still a decent price for what I wanted.

I received regular e-mail updates regarding my order- where it was in the manufacturing and shipping process.  The e-mails also contained reassuring statements about their products such as being BPA free and there would be no lead.  (The company makes other products besides silicone wrist bands.)  I guess this is one more positive thing I can say.

On August 18, 2014, just 3 business days after I placed the order, the package arrived.  Quickly, my excitement quickly changed to frustration and anger.  Other than being black, the wristbands didn't look like the proof at all!  The print is more urine yellow than golden yellow and is hard to read.  The words are spelled correctly, but not spaced around the band like they are in the proof.  The Arabic "N" looks like it's falling off the wristband.

Want to see the pictures?  Here's proof I submitted.  Notice how the print was intended to go all the way around the surface of the wristband:

And instead of getting what I ordered, I received 200 pieces of this junk. I cut a band so you can see it rolled out:

Here's a close up of the band.  Notice how the print isn't spread out over the entire surface of the wrist band like it's supposed to.  You'll also notice the Arabic N which isn't in line with the rest of the printing:

So I called the company immediately.  Wouldn't you know it- it's Alexus again!  She didn't say who she was, but I knew the voice.  I didn't say who I was, just that I what I received wasn't what I ordered.  She said she would send me an e-mail with instructions.

The e-mail was basically a link with a ticket # and there you can leave a message with your concern and then someone responds underneath it.  Here's a copy/paste of what I wrote:
The wrist bands I received look NOTHING like the proof I sent in. I have attached the proof AGAIN and then pictures of what I received. All the print is on one side, not spaced out around the entire circle of the wrist band. Also, the color of the print is URINE YELLOW, not the gold yellow I received.

It is very obvious that no one looked at the product and compared it to the order for quality.
Someone from the company named Brandi replied with the following:
This order is not defective and was made correct according to the invoice at this time we can offer you a 15% discount. 
This response didn't sit well with me, so I wrote back:

When I submitted the order, I specifically said I wanted the wrist band to look exactly like the proof I submitted. I was told the proof would be forwarded to the art department and they would produce the wrist band as I expected.

Now you send me junk and say it was according to the invoice. I am filing a complaint with my credit card company. I will also be writing a review about my experience with your company on my website and I will post it on every website I can find.

All I'm asking is that you do what you said you would do- nothing more. 
With disappointment, I got the same reply from Brandi:
This order is not defective and was made correct according to the invoice at this time we can offer you a 15% discount. 
Since I was getting know where, this article which you're reading was born:
Well, I'm working on your NEGATIVE review write now. Unless you correct this issue appropriately, it's going all over the internet with pictures of your product to show everyone what a fraud this company is. 
So there you have it.  Instead of rectifying the situation, I get the runaround and a refusal to make things right.  If I were the owner of, I would be embarrassed about what my company is up to.  Sadly, they already have my money, so they probably just don't care. 

Do I need to give my recommendation for doing business with this company?  I paid almost $100 for runaround and hassle, all the way from the price to the "finished product."  Thanks for nothing, aka

Anyone know a reputable company that makes wrist bands?  Comments/feedback appreciated!

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  1. I sent the company a link to this blog article. Wouldn't you know it, I received a new message from them. The response is from someone named Chuntel and is in quotes below:

    "Thank you for the update on this matter you are more than welcome to have the order sent back here for a remake or refund. Please be advised that the continuous message has to be 26 character including spacing for the printing area to be filled completely.

    Thank You

    Thank you for your respond. Please send the merchandise back to the following address:

    Attn: Claims Department
    14550 Beechnut St.
    Houston, TX 77083

    Thank you kindly for the update on this matter. We will need you to send the order back here to our facility and cover the cost of shipping, because we do not provide prepaid shipping labels. We advise the order by shipped back ground and to provide us with the tracking number. Please include your shipping receipt and we will issue a STORE CREDIT for the shipping.
    Please fill out the RMA form and include it with the order, the RMA number will be your order number. Confirm if you would like your items refunded, or remade alongside a deadline date. We need to await the return of the product back to the facility to initiate the refund/remake due to our policy. As we need the products to be used as a visual proof in order to process this remake at no additional costs, this will also help to use as an example, so that this issue does not occur once again."

    It's obviously made up of some pre-formed paragraphs put together.

    I'll probably send the wristbands back, but I'm not sure if I should ask for a remake. I'm concerned that I'll just receive more of the same junk. I guess it depends on whether or not I find another company that makes wristbands!


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